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Time poor? Let Cellar Watch upload your cellar.
We can upload your entire wine collection to Cellar Watch for a small fee. Uploads start from £0.50 per cellar entry, with a minimum charge of £50. Please contact info@cellar-watch.com for a quote.
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Getting started
Who is Cellar Watch for?
Cellar Watch is for private collectors of fine wine who want to access the same independent price data used by the global fine wine trade to search for current and historic prices and track the value of their collections. Merchants and other fine wine professionals should visit www.liv-ex.com.
How is Cellar Watch different from other cellar management tools?
Cellar Watch uniquely offers fine wine collectors the opportunity to use Liv-ex data for cellar valuation purposes. Liv-ex is the largest, most comprehensive source of historical and real-time fine wine price data in the world, and is depended on by merchants globally.

Liv-ex monitors 27,000 daily price changes in the fine wine market, which are updated on Cellar Watch in real time – granting you immediate access to the current market value of your fine wine collection.
Which package is best for me?
Cellar Watch offers three package types: Basic, Premium and Pro.

Owners of fine wine are advised to consider the Premium or Pro packages. Premium allows you to create one cellar, receive a monthly valuation report for wines in your cellar, and access the monthly Cellar Watch Market Report.

Pro has two further advantages. First, you are able to create multiple cellars. This is useful for collectors who store wine in various locations or who wish to segment their collections. You might also create ‘fantasy’ cellars to track the value of wines that interest you. Second, you can access the ‘Market Watch’ area of the site. This feature allows you to view trades, bids and offers as they happen on the Liv-ex Exchange. You can filter this to view recent activity for wines in your cellars.

The Basic package is free and allows you to perform up to five price searches per month. It does not allow you to create a cellar to track the value of your wines. If you do not have a fine wine collection to value, this package may be suitable.
How can I upgrade my package?

Visit the upgrade or renew page, and make your selection. If you are moving from a Premium account to Pro, you will be charged the package price difference (pro rata) for the remainder of your 12 month contract. If you are downgrading your package, the change will be implemented on your next renewal date.

Can I subscribe for one month?
The minimum contract length is one year.
I have forgotten my password
Please click here and enter your email address. You will be sent an email explaining how to reset your password.
I am having trouble logging in – can you help?
If your account expired before April 2015, you will need to contact info@cellar-watch.com to reactivate it. None of your cellar data has been lost, and you will regain access to it after renewal.

If this does not apply to you, we advise that you check that you are using the correct email address in log-in attempts.
Subscription, payment and renewal
How do I pay?
You can pay using PayPal. You’ll be directed to PayPal after selecting your Cellar Watch package on the sign up or renew page.
Do I need a PayPal account?
If you would like to set up a recurring payment, you will need to have (or create) a PayPal account.

If you would like to pay for one year only, you do not need a PayPal account: you can check out as a guest. To do this make sure that the automatic renew box on the review page is unchecked. After clicking ‘Proceed to payment’, you will be directed to PayPal. Here, you can choose ‘Check Out as a Guest’. Please see the help images below.
Can I sign up for more than one year at a time?
You can set your account to auto renew. When you reach the page asking you to review your details, make sure that you check the box next to ‘Automatically renew my membership when it falls due’. You will need to have – or open – a PayPal account in order to proceed with this.
My subscription has expired, do I have to upload my cellar data again?
Your cellar data will never get lost with Cellar Watch. When your subscription expires, your account will be downgraded to our Basic package and you will no longer be able to access your cellars. Should you decide to return to a paid package, your cellars will automatically reappear in your account.
How can I cancel my subscription?
If you are a Premium or Pro subscriber and have not set your account to automatically renew, your paid subscription will automatically expire after one year.

If your account is due to automatically renew and you wish to prevent this, please cancel your payment using PayPal. You can find out more here.
Searching for a price
How can I search for a wine price?
Start typing the wine name in the ‘Search for wine’ box, located at the top left hand side of the page. You do not need to use prefixes such as ‘Chateau’ or ‘le’. Select the wine that you would like to search for, and then enter the vintage in the box below.

If you would like to view a summary of vintage prices, there is no need to enter a value into the ‘vintage’ box.
What is the difference between the various price points (Market Price, Trade Price) referenced on Cellar Watch?
For a complete explanation of Liv-ex prices, please click here.
Is VAT and duty included?
No. All prices are for stock in bond: VAT and duty is excluded. For more information about prices, please click here.
The search results page isn’t showing the current prices of all recent vintages. Why is this?
To keep Cellar Watch relevant to you, only the most searched for wines – and wines that have been added to cellars – appear on results pages. You can make data visible for a wine of your choice by adding it to a cellar.

If you still cannot find the wine, it is possible that it hasn’t been added to the database. To request an addition, please email info@cellar-watch.com.
I think one of your prices is incorrect
Liv-ex constantly maintains its extensive pricing database, but rogue prices sometimes find their way in. If you spot a potential error, please email info@cellar-watch.com. and we’ll look into it.
I can’t find the wine that I am searching for
There are a number of common errors made when searching for wine. Please make sure that:
  • You have omitted prefixes such as "Chateau" and "Le"
  • The wine name is spelled correctly

If you still cannot find the wine, it is possible that it hasn’t been added to the database. To request an addition, please email info@cellar-watch.com.
Managing wine cellars
How do I create my own cellar?
Click on the Cellars button in the navigation bar. A brief video and a detailed description of how to create cellars is available on the Cellar Watch videos page.
How do I add wines to my cellar?
You can add wines from the individual wine pages or from the Wine List page (in the Cellars section). Visit the Cellar Watch videos page to view our series of help videos.
Does “quantity” refer to the number of cases or bottles?
This will depend on your account preferences. If you’ve chosen to view prices by the case, rather than by the bottle, “quantity” will refer to the number of cases that you own, rather than the number of single bottles. If you’ve selected 1x75cl, “quantity” will refer to the number of single bottles. You can change your settings at any time by visiting the preferences page under the Account menu.
I have my cellar organised in an Excel file. Can I import it?
Because of the difficulty in matching your wine names to the Liv-ex database, it’s not possible to import a cellar yourself. If you’d like us to do the name-matching and import a cellar for you, we can do so for a fee. Please send your wine list to info@cellar-watch.com for a quote.
Can you upload my cellar for me?
We can upload your cellar for you for a small fee. Uploads start from £0.50 per cellar entry, with a minimum charge of £50. Please contact info@cellar-watch.com for a quote.
How do I transfer wines to another cellar?
Navigate to the Wine List page and select the wines that you would like to transfer using the check boxes on the right-hand side. Choose the "Transfer" option in the dropdown menu just above the table, click Go, and then choose the correct cellar.
How can I remove wines from my cellar – and then keep track of them once they have been consumed or sold?
Navigate to the wine list page for the cellar that you would like to edit. Next, click on the more icon (see below) next to the appropriate wine name. Select drink or sell and then fill in the required details. The wine will then be removed from your cellar. To view a list of wines that have been consumed or sold, navigate to the analysis page and click on the disposal List link.
How do I get the valuation email?
You will automatically be sent your valuation report email on the 7th of each month. If you would like to receive it immediately, please visit the your cellars page and click ‘Send valuation mail’.
Market Report
What is the Market Report?
The Market Report is a monthly four-page document containing the latest Liv-ex research and analysis, based on the activity of the global fine wine trade.
Where can I download previous Market Reports?
Under the Cellar Tools tab, select Market Reports.