About Cellar Watch

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Search for fine wine prices

View the current prices and detailed price histories of more than 100,000 products (with price data available as far back as the early 1980s for some wines). Analyse price trends with Cellar Watch’s individual wine charts and track merchant list prices, auction prices and Liv-ex trade prices over time. This is the same independent market data that is being used by professional fine wine traders globally to make buying and selling decisions.

Track the value of your cellar 

Cellar Watch provides the most accurate cellar valuations on the market. Track the value of an unlimited number of wines and monitor their recent and historical performance relative to cost, the Liv-ex Indices and other key benchmarks.

Monitor live trading activity

Use the Market Watch tool to keep an eye on live bids and offers and recent trades on the Liv-ex Fine Wine Exchange. Filter trading data by the wines in your cellar, or view recent activity in your favourite label.

Analyse market movements

Each month, subscribers receive the Cellar Watch Market Report: a newsletter containing the latest Liv-ex research and analysis. These reports provide detailed trading information and include regular features such as “Chart of the Month” and “Major Market Movers.


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