Liv-ex operates the global marketplace for fine wine. It makes fine wine trading more transparent, efficient and safe for the benefit of its members and the market as a whole. Liv-ex offers:

Exchange - the global fine wine market.

Data - comprehensive real time and historic market data

Vine - storage, settlement and distribution services built specifically for fine wine

Members use Liv-ex to grow sales, increase efficiency, build and enhance products and services and better serve customers and producers.  

 Grow sales by trading with 440 of the largest fine wine buyers and sellers - all from a single source

Unrivalled access to £20m+ of bids and offers every day

Immediately expand your offering by 4,500+ products

Access 25 million lines of real time and historic price data with 20,000 price changes daily

Keep customers constantly engaged with the latest market trends

Reduce capital tied up in stock and resell wines more often

Simplify fulfillment, settlement and distribution